Tuesday, December 08, 2015


You know when you sit down in the hairdresser chair & everything spills out? We'll I just got my hair cut by my dear friend, Grace & turns out a lot of things happened last week. A LOT.

It wasn't my intention to shop a little on Cyber Monday but that was the day I decided to go through my 1,300 emails and get organized. So I ran into a lot of deals in my inbox which lead me to purchasing my own domain name. Eeeee! After a year & a half of having .blogspot.com, I'm moving on to better and bigger things. Stay tuuuned.

I also registered for the TBEX conference! TBEX is the Travel Blogger Exchange, a great opportunity to network with other travel bloggers & companies (& learn!). I'm super excited to head to Minnesota in May & learn more about a career I want to pursue, full time vegan travel blogging.

Speaking of which, it's happening. I've found myself in a career change. I am now going to pursue blogging full time. Right now in my life is the perfect opportunity for me to sink or swim. I want to swim. & I hope you want to swim with me. ;)

Along with full time vegan beauty, and travel blogging (+ more!) I will continue freelance photography/videography and freelance social media consulting. I just got Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certified! So if you're local to Orange County & need some advice or know someone that needs advice on social media marketing or someone who needs photos taken, hit me up! (contact info is in my About Me page.)

There are a lot of new changes for me and cityloveee. I hope you follow along!

- Christina

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