Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My First Wedding Video + Wedding Videography Tips!

I first became interested in wedding videography when I assisted Melissa from Video By Melissa. I've always been interested in videography because I majored in film (& I like vlogging!) but that was my first professional experience. (These are the weddings that I assisted with Melissa, Natalie + Joe & Brandon + Courtney.)

A few months later my sister, Ashley introduced me to the opportunity to shoot a wedding on my own. (She did photography for the wedding. You can see some of her photos here.) I'm so thankful that the Sherwood's gave me the chance to experiment with wedding videography during their special day.

I learned some tips about wedding videography that will serve me well for the next wedding I shoot. 
Here's some things I learned the hard way:

Stick to minimal camera movement. Being a smooth (camera) operator is hard! (Get it? Get it? ;)) Do not move the camera too too much. Some camera movement is good but the subjects will move for you, so don't be consumed by it. & when it's all said and done camera movement takes practice. 

Have extra batteries. This is a "no duh," but I didn't think about this before the Sherwood wedding. It ended up costing me not getting any footage of the ceremony! 

Talk to the bride & groom about surprises. It's also a "no duh" to talk to the bride and groom but be sure to ask about the details. It's good for the videographer to know if there's going to be any flash mobs, special dances or anything special that needs to be caught on video.

Once again, I am so thankful to the Sherwood's for this opportunity. I hope you enjoy their highlight video! I know it's a little late for wedding season, but if you are local to the Orange County/greater Los Angeles area, & are looking for a wedding videographer feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

- Christina

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