Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Cats of Europe

While backpacking across Europe I found myself missing my cat. Yes, I am a cat lady. (& definitely a dog lady, too! Animal lady, one would say.) Fortunately though, while I was traveling I met so many kitties! So I decided to share with you, the fancy cats of Europe.
 This is a cat from Marseille, France. A very curious kitty who came to our window one night & was staring at our bananas on the window sill. It was a nice hello! 
There are a bunch of cats hanging out at the Roman ruins. They don't even seem phased by everyone walking around. & were pretty tough handling the rain.  
This little baby is from Santorini, Greece. Another cat that didn't seem to put off by the people. & she even got some leftovers!  
SO. CUTE. Just enjoying the Grecian sun.   
 A stoned cat in Amsterdam. I could not figure out what this dude was looking at. 
This is Geronimo, a resident of an Airbnb in Rome (same kitty pictured at the very top). The owner of the property told us that Geronimo doesn't even belong to him and Geronimo belongs to the apartment. When the previous tenants moved out, Geronimo stayed. He was a very friendly, cute kitty that loved us. It was nice to hang out with a companion animal for once while traveling. A nice change of pace and comforting to have something familiar like a cat around. 
 Greek ruins are always a great place to chill out at. 
 Naxos, Greece kitty.
 Another Naxos cat.
 This Naxos cat loved us! It was exciting to interact with another cat again. (Of course we proceeded cautiously, but this cat was walking up to all of the travelers.) He was a very friendly cat that followed us for awhile. 
 Such a cute baby. 
& this was hilarious. While walking back to our flat in Paris, this little guy asked us if we wanted to have some coffee. With our arms full of groceries and baguettes we had to decline. But wouldn't that have been fun?!

It was nice to go back through my photos and show you all the variety of cats in Europe. I hope you enjoyed. 

Do you have any animals that you've met in your travels? Which one of these kitties are your favorite?

- Christina

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