Monday, August 31, 2015

i'm still here

I've missed you guys! How are you? Let's catch up. 

Consistency is something I really strive for on my blog but I've been struggling this year. Firstly, travel blogging is very difficult & I commend the people who can do it well. Speaking of which, my dear friend Katie is nominated for a Bloglovin' award for travel blogging! I am so freakin' proud & excited for her. She's so humble & says she doesn't deserve it. But she does! She has amazing photography skills, travels to very unique places & has great tips and advice. Her blog is definitely worth a visit & vote for her here!

I've decided that I need to give myself smaller goals with blogging. I have such grand dreams for this place on the internet but because I put so much pressure on myself, sometimes it feels looses it's fun. Can you relate? I really want to share my travels with you but the posts become such a huge project between editing all all the photos, writing and linking. (See my most recent post about Europe here. It's about my favorite city, Barcelona!) Do you feel the same way about some blog posts? Do they become time consuming for you, too?

I feel that I was starting to niched myself into a vegan travel blog. Which is my intention but I want to still talk about my other interests. I still am going to post about Europe frequently, but not necessarily every post. I've also decided to have the small goal of posting at least once a week. A post once a week is better than going a whole month procrastinating my next post. How do you keep consistency on your blog? I'd love to hear your tips!

I also have been busy trying to find a job & I've found a GREAT one. I work as a social media manager. (Insert emoji of the face with the eyes open really wide + the emoji of the one with heart eyes.) It's a perfect position for a blogger. Now that I do social media for a living, my personal social media is becoming more of a priority. Twitter has quickly become one of my favorites. & Instagram's new update has made me so freakin' happy. I've always struggled with how I want my Instagram profile to look. The struggle of having square photos or posting the full crop of the photo was something I was constantly going through. If you scroll through my feed on Instagram you can see the struggle. Not proud of it. But now that's a thing of the past. ;)

I also couldn't be consistent this month because I got 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the most stressful & painful experience of my life. I had an atypical experience which made it more awful than it is normally. I'll spare you the details. 

Summer is almost over & with fall in the horizon, I want to use my calendar & pay a little more attention to my to do lists. Do you have things that stay on your to do list for forever? I'm tired of that. Time for a change. 

What have you been up to? Excited for a new season? New goals?

- Christina

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