Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Goals 006

Here's another installment of my weekly goals. 
A way to hold myself accountable for my goals by sharing them with you. 

Last Week's Goals:

Work on Keith's onesie. I've been unable to work on the onesie because I need my mother's help. & she's actually recovering for surgery on her eye (>.<). I've been taking care of her & the onesie is definitely not a priority. (If you could keep her in your prayers, we'd appreciate it. She is having surgery on her other eye in a couple of months.)

Work on Europe scrapbook. I think I need to somewhat accept that the photos for this scrapbook will be edited at the same time the photos will go onto this blog. 

Eat healthier. Towards the beginning of the week I was doing okay. (I still had leftover pizza from Sunday night that I had for breakfast Monday morning.) Towards the end of the week I was doing a lot better! Making sure I was drinking a lot of water, eating more produce and not eating very much junk food. 

This Week's Goals:

Cook at least 2 new recipes. Because I am vegan, I get a lot questions about what exactly I eat. I eat a lot of simple meals. Quinoa, vegetables & beans are my staples. I don't really breakout of my comfort zone and try new create new recipes. This week I want to try at least 2 of the recipes in the many cookbooks I have that I hardly use. This Pad Thai recipe looks really good, too. 

Do you have any goals for this week? I'd love to hear them! I hope you have a productive positive week!

- Christina

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