Sunday, July 05, 2015

Weekly Goals 003

Here's another installment of my weekly goals. 
A way to hold myself accountable for my goals by sharing them with you. 

Scrapbook. I don't know what I was thinking that this goal could have been semi attainable. I have from our Europe trip. & I want to edit all of the ones I want to print. I'm kind of overwhelming myself with this goal, but I will be SO HAPPY when I have all of my photos organized in one place.    

This Week's Goals:

Read 15 minutes a day. I plan on editing more photos to print but I think this week I should focus on a more fun goal. I want to read at least 15 minutes a day. I was reading a lot while I was traveling and miss it. I read Wild, One Day & now I'm reading The Happiness Project. Have you read any of them? I love them. (Especially One Day!)

Apply for a job. (& then a less fun goal...) Since coming home from a 3 month European backpacking trip, I've had a hard time adjusting and finding motivation to get back to work. You feel me? I think I should at least start looking for a job. even if i don't want to. :)

Do you have any goals for this week? I'd love to hear them!

- Christina


  1. Shoot, I need to be applying for (better) jobs... it's hard to motivate yourself! You have to tailor your resume half a million times, then still fill out all the information that was on your resume to begin with, do annoying questionnaires, and before you know it an hour or more went by. But I don't mean to discourage! I hope you find some fulfilling options soon! As far as reading, I am trying to squeeze in dedicated reading time every day instead of only doing binge sessions. You get great free entertainment and it helps my eyes! Good luck on your weekly goals!

  2. Blahhh jobs. I feel ya I need to be on the hunt for something better. We need to find a book to read together! Maybe this time not something that is like 400 pages long though haha.

  3. Ya, I don't wannnna. Haha. I almost forgot to read last night, too. Gotta stay focused!

  4. Ya a shorter book is probably more realistic. Good idea!

  5. Ya! I'm enjoying it. I kind of want to do a Happiness Project myself. Have you considered it?

  6. Wild and The Happiness Project are next on my fact I bought them over a year ago...still have to read them, I just have such a hard time making time for reading! At least I have brought Wild with me on vacation, but I have yet to open it...

  7. I think I may have enjoyed Wild more because I was adventuring while she was adventuring! Read on vacation! Maybe make it a goal? I've noticed when I force myself to make time for read, I feel so much better afterwards.