Sunday, February 15, 2015

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I hope everyone had a productive week last week. It was my last week working & now I'm officially on "get my Europe to do list done" & blogging mode. It's interesting and exciting to not have a job to go to. 

Last night for Valentine's Day, my boyfriend Keith and I went to a fun bar called The Blind Donkey in Long Beach. There was a photo booth that I couldn't turn down. I think I've made it a promise to myself to use photo booths every time I encounter one. I hope you had a fun Valentine's Day. What did you do?

Last week my goals were to:

1. Organize my Europe to do list. I finally did it. Everything is in order. I have my "To Buy," "To Pack," & "To Do." This list is long, but I'm ready to tackle it!

2. Order my Warby Parker frames. I am so happy to get this off of my to do list. I've been procrastinating it because I needed to scan in my prescription. You know those easy tasks that you just don't make time for? Ya, that was one of them.

3. Make my own açaí bowl. I didn't do it :( My local grocery store does carry açaí, so that's one step in the right direction!

This week my goals are to:

1. (a really boring goal, but) Organize all of my files. I just recently switched out my MacBook Pro for a MacBook Air & I just threw a bunch of files onto my external. & my Dropbox account is a mess (& I want to clean it up before I travel!). 

2. Make my own açaí bowl! I can do it this week. 

3. Work on my Europe to do list. Now that I have my to do list organized, I can now chip away at it. 

What are you goals for the week?

- Christina

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  1. I always always find myself procrastinating the little things, like simply scanning a document. My general life list is to "just do it"--reply to that e-mail, mail those thank you cards, fill out that form. As for this week? Remember to pack my lunch every day and start each morning with a glass of warm lemon water rather than a sugary coffee :)

    The What's In Between

  2. So excited to see you ordered your Warby Parkers! I have two pairs and I love both of them so much. My goal this week is to finally get around to getting my hair cut. So ambitious, haha.

    Randi | Randi with an i

  3. Congrats on finishing work! Will you be returning back to the same job after your Euro trip, or will you just see where the wind takes you? So exciting that it's time to start prepping for your trip! Did you decide on a set traveling schedule? Just one thing to note on your "To Pack" list...obviously this something you can buy while you're there, but always make sure to carry some tissues or toilet paper in your backpack as a lot of bathrooms don't have any. I got used to doing that when I lived in Spain, and now I still do it, even though Argentina is actually pretty good about having toilet paper in the bathrooms. (I just told my husband the advice I was giving you and he was like "You're gonna say that?! Like talking about toilet paper is embarrassing haha but I figure we've "known" each other long enough, and it's something you need to know!)

  4. I've been making an effort to start every day off with warm lemon water, although recently I've fallen off the wagon and gone back to my coffee habit. But, at least I'm trying to have my coffee without sugar now!

  5. i need to clean my room (major spring clean up) and i need to write this script for a hosting gig I'm doing for a friend's wedding! aaackk, hahaha!!!!

    have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

  6. Sounds like you got a lot done last week! One of my goals is to make an acai bowl too; it is so good!

  7. Hey Christina:) I absolutely love your blog! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award...Check it out on my blog:)


  8. You have been rather productive! Hope the packing goes well. I am starting to look into packing for our NY/Jamaica trip and its over a month to go yet! Us women, so organised, aren't we? Love your blog.

  9. Can't wait to see your glasses! Also, I always cheat and go out for my acai bowls. I admire you for attempting to make your own! :)
    My goals for the week include overcoming work anxiety and organizing the cluttered corners in my apartment. Thank you for your inspiration!

    Circus & Bloom

  10. Sounds like great goals! Warm lemon water sounds lovely. I could use some of that right about now.

  11. I've actually kicked coffee completely at the beginning of the year. I only drink tea now. I feel so much cleaner because of it. :)

  12. I've been checking the mailbox every day for them! I really want to have a day without contacts... Haha. Is your haircut just a trim? Or a big change?

  13. I'm not sure if I'll be returning to my previous job. Only time will tell. :) We have a loose schedule. It isn't very strict. & thanks for the tip! You saying that wasn't awkward for me at all. ;) (I feel like when I mention you to my boyfriend/friends when you leave a comment that I want to share, I say, "my blogger friend from Argentina." ;))

  14. Oh my goodness, good luck. Hosting a friend's wedding is not in my skill set. That would personally freak me out. Haha. Have fun!

  15. Have you made an acai bowl before? What recipe do you follow? I'm going to use this one:

  16. Thank you! I will definitely check out your blog!

  17. Haha yes. Packing has been on my mind for months, meanwhile my boyfriends hardly thinks about it. Thanks for visiting!

  18. Maybe I'll post a photo of me in my glasses on Instagram. Hopefully I get to making an acai bowl this week. >.< hehe

    I hope you can accomplish your goals!

  19. I really like this post!

    Love Emina

    -> New post is up - Check it out - I would love to hear your thoughts on it!



  20. My appointment was delayed because of my work schedule (boo!) so I suppose I have some time to remain indecisive about my locks. I want a lob, but I'm also very possessive of my hair. Sooooo basically no idea, haha.