Monday, August 25, 2014

my weekend 004

How was your weekend? Mine was really enjoyable but I got SO sunburnt yesterday. It's so painful today. Makes me want to lay in a bath of aloe all. day. long. Here's a little round up of photos from my Instagram.

It was my cat, Oliver's birthday! He turned 3. #crazycatlady. I've raised him since he was super young, like 3 days old. His mom wasn't around so I bottle fed him, wiped his butt and was there when his eyes first opened. He's kind of a special guy to me.

There are vegan cheese its on the market. (!) They're pretty popular because every time I looked to buy some they were sold out. I got a box this weekend they're good! (they kind of get stuck in your teeth pretty hardcore, but so do regular cheese its.)

Yesterday I went to dog beach with Keith and his family. Always a good time at dog beach but ya, I got toasted.

How was your weekend?

- Christina 


  1. Happy Birthday to Oliver! I celebrate my pets' birthdays too! Their "birthdays" are really just celebrations of the different days we adopted them, and I always make special treats :-)
    I guess you could call me a crazy dog lady haha

    We had a great weekend in Buenos Aires, it's been (well, it was) unbelievably warm here, like high 70s, and we're in the middle of winter! The heatwave has now come to an end unfortunately, but it reminded me of how much I love spring, and that it's just around the corner! xx

    1. Oliver says, "Meow" ;) & yeah we've guessed when my dog's birthday is. But I actually could figure out Oliver's birthday because I did the math on when his eyes opened. I read that typically kitten's eyes are closed for about a week. So August 24th is what I went with.

      We had a similar winter last year. Spring for you, fall for me! :)

  2. aww so cute. Happy Birthday to Oliver! =D

  3. Happy birthday to oliver, beautiful photos! x

  4. Happy Birthday to Oliver! I am glad he has someone as caring as you.

  5. animal birthdays are the best! happy bday oliver :)