Thursday, March 05, 2015

#throwbackthursday to vlogmas 2014 | VLOG THREE

This is my third installment of me throwing it back to Vlogmas 2014 (#throwbackthursday!). I thought I didn't have enough footage to participate this past December, but it turns out I have 4 vlogs worth of footage. So this is the second to last one! 

I hope you enjoy watching me get Christmas gifts gathered, receiving exciting news from Arm the Animals and going to visit my friend Katie

If you need to catch up on previous Vlogmas videos, click here for the playlist. 

Hope you enjoy! Thank you for watching. I really appreciate it. 

- Christina

P.S. - I apologize that most of my posts have been Weekly Wishes and Vlogmas videos, but next week will be more exciting. I promise!


  1. I think I need to check out H&M Home ASAP! All the stuff is so cute...I've also seen this really cool lipstick holder from H&M which all of the beauty bloggers seem to have and I feel like I need it in my life. I currently use like a plastic toolbox to hold my makeup haha
    It's also funny how small the world is and to find out who knows who....when you mentioned Katie, I recognized her blog!

    Also, that salad looked delicious! I would love to go to California is only to eat all the Mexican and surfer-ish food :-)

    Hope your yard sale went well this weekend!

  2. Lipstick holder? I'm intrigued! Do you have a link or a photo? I'm so happy you recognized Katie's blog, isn't it the best!? & that salad is really good! I used to get burrito bowl type dishes at Wahoo's but ever since I ordered that salad, I fell in love. & our garage sale went really well! Thanks for the kind words, Chrystin.

  3. I just checked the H&M site and I didn't see it... maybe it's not available anymore? :-(