Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This blog has been on hiatus for 3 years almost to the day. I've missed blogging here. This blog is also going to undergo a change. It will continue to be a lifestyle blog, but there will be another primary theme of the blog. Veganism. & being a traveling vegan. Specifically traveling as a vegan will come more to light when my boyfriend, Keith and I go on our European backpacking trip next year. 

Being vegan for four years gives me a relatively good amount of experience with the subject, but there is still so much to learn! & there is also so much to learn in regards to traveling and being vegan. I would say it's 50% easy (having a lot of practice of navigating a menu), and 50% difficult (figuring out where to eat and finding options).

Anyway, I'm so excited to continue this journey with cityloveee. Thank you for joining!

- Christina

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P.S. - I reverted my previous posts back to drafts because they were so out of date. I am looking forward to this fresh start!

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